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Carrying your projects that include laser cutting and press brake bending processes is now very practical

Fast Quote

Don't wait for hours or even days for a quote. Review our design recommendations. Get a quote within 120 minutes, no matter how complex your project is.


Convenient payment options

Choose the most convenient option for you from the alternative payment methods mentioned in the quote and place your order..


Complete delivery

Easily check your orders with delivery receipts listing all parts' dimensions, weights, quantities, and photos, and receive a complete delivery.


The most important part is the missing one

After weeks of discussions and long negotiations, you received the order for your new project. You struggled for weeks to supply the materials for this project, which you agreed upon under challenging deadlines and budget conditions due to the competitive environment. Meanwhile, you were delayed in starting production for various reasons. You worked long hours to process, weld, clean, and paint hundreds of parts... As the delivery date was getting closer, you started assembling the hundreds of prepared parts. Just hours away from delivering your project and taking a breath of relief, your phone starts ringing. The head mechanic says that a tiny part is missing and it has stopped the production, and everything suddenly turns into a nightmare.





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General Coordinator

Burak Ceylanlı

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Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Manager

Tuğba Nur Taşcı

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Quality Assurance Manager

Sedat Öztoplu

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Overseas Sales Responsible

Gonca Yağmur

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Domestic Sales Responsible

Cihan Ceylanlı

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Sales Marketing Specialist

Büşra Yıldırım


Blog Posts

In 2009, since the day we were founded as Ramazan Aycan Sheet Metal and Steel Processing Center, we have been constantly observing your needs. We strive to produce practical solutions for your feedback and the needs of the sector that we have personally identified. Therefore, your feedback and recommendations are very valuable to us. Write us your expectations either anonymously or by name. Let's see what we can do.